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Predatory Mites

Metaseiulus Occidentalis
Approximately 1/16th of an inch or smaller.


FOR CONTROL OF: Good General Predator!
Used against two- spotted mite, pacific mite and and Tomatoe Russet Mite.

M.O. mites are no bigger, and sometimes smaller than the spider mites they control.
Shaped a little more streamlined, they have longer legs which allow them to run quickly.

Feeding on Two Spotted, Pacific, and Tomato russett mites, they eat about five mites or 20 of their eggs per day.
If used as directed they should gain control in about 4 weeks, and will continue until the mites are nearly or completely gone.
They may feed on pollen or nector but will not harm plants, nor will they bite people.
They are effective on temperatures up to 90 degrees.

Three strains for use:

  • OP (guthion)- carbaryl - sulfur resistant strain
  • Huron strain- vigorous predator collected on cotton in the warm San Joaquin Valley of California
  • Photoperiod neutral strain - For use in winter greenhouses and cool season crops. Does not go into Diapause (resting stage) during winter, as does OP and Huron strains

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