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Predatory Mites

Phytoseiulus Persimilis
Approximately 1/16th of an inch or smaller.

Spider Mite in warm conditions


P. P. mites are no bigger, and sometimes smaller than the spider mites they control.
Shaped a little more streamlined, they have longer legs which allow them to run quickly.

An excellent predator in mild humid conditions.
This predatory mite feeds on a number of different species of spider mites. It will consume the eggs, nymphs and adults. This mite responds to specific chemical cues to seek out its prey. This makes the Phytoseiulus Persimilis highly effective in finding new spider mite colonies. Feeding on a Spider mite, they eat about five mites or 20 of their eggs per day.
If used as directed they should gain control in about 4 weeks, and will continue until the mites are nearly or completely gone.
They may feed on pollen or nector but will not harm plants, nor will they bite people.
They are effective on temperatures up to 80 degrees.

Two Strains for use:

  • Field Strain - A hardy predator for use in greenhouses and outside plants.
  • OP Resistant Strain - This mite is used extensively for greenhouse vegetables. Tolerant to Diazinon when used as a soil drench for thrips.

Requires high humidity - Greenhouses only!

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