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Wholesale ladybugs live, praying mantis eggs

Beneficials: insects, ladybugs, praying mantis eggs,
mosquito fish, bacteria, nematodes and more...

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Beneficial Nematodes


Actual size of Nematodes less than 1/100th of an inch.
7 million of them in 1 pint look very much like a glob of plain yogurt.



Over 230 pests are susceptible to Scanmask.

Some of these include: Artichoke moth larvae, Black currant borers, black vine weevils, cabbage root maggots, carpenterworms, codling moth larvae, corn earworms, cucumber beetles, cutworms, flea beetles, flea larvae, fungus gnat larvae, gypsy moth larvae, japanese beetles, mole crickets, onion maggots, pine weevils, poplar clearing borers, raspberry crown borers, sod web worms, strawberry weevils, tobacco budworms, white grubs, wireworms, wooly aphids.


Scanmask is a biological product designed to kill pest insects. Scanmask uses beneficial nemetodes to control insects, these are not to be confused with harmful plant eating nemetodes.
In moist dark environments, this product kills almost all insects, therefore, it is ideally suited to combat pests that bore in wood, trees and shrubs, and also soil based insects. These Nemetodes actively hunt and kills pests. Larvae and maggots are most susceptible to the Nemetodes, however adults and pupae are also affected.

This product does not harm people, pets or plants.
Other beneficials such as Ladybugs and Green Lacewings are resistant.

Release Rates:
FOR LAWN use 1 pint per 370 sq.ft. apply as a top dressing

Can be used in transplant holes, mulch (applied as a top dressing), in seed furrows, in bore holes ( prepare water suspension)

Can be used in doors or out doors, and all year around.
Compatible with most chemical and biological pesticides.

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