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Pricing Information


Actual size is about 1/8 inch long.


Most moth eggs, Army worms, codling moths, bollworms, leafworms, fruitworms, Cutworms, cane borers, and most pest butterfly eggs.


These tiny insectory grown wasps atack over 200 pest species. These include eggs of codling moth, fruit worms, cane bores, corn earworms, and almost all moth and butterfly eggs that hatch into worm pests. these parasites are effective by killing pests before they do damage to the plant.

Trichogramma are shipped while still parasitized in the host egg. You will receive what looks like a small piece of sandpaper on which there are approximately 5,000 eggs per square. Trichogramma are very small - Five of them could fit on a pencil point.

Release Rates: 250 (1/2 square) Trichogramma will treat up to 500 square feet.
For larger areas; release up to 40,000 per acre
We recommend Bi- weekly release rates for at least three releases.


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