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Mosquito Fish




The adult Mosquito Fish range from 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. They are surface breathers so they can withstand very shallow, very hot water. Mosquito fish will individually consume vast numbers of mosquito larvae. Because females can produce as many as 30 young every 22 days in warm weather, their effect on the mosquito population is dramatic in 30 to 40 days. These fish are the prefered method of control with most community mosquito abatement districts. They can live through deep winter in ponds that do not freeze solid. However, they may not reproduce in the coldest of months. They are also very good at controling mosquitos around thick pond vegitation, which also protect them from preying birds.

For vernal pools that dry out and re-fill several times a year, please use our other product: Mosquito Dunks

Release Rates: One pound per acre

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