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Green Lacewings


Aphids, Red Mites, Thrips, White Fly and small soft bodied insects, and moth eggs

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Lacewing is a beatiful yet fragile, light green colored insect with lustrous eyes. It is an insectory grown predator. The oval- shaped pale green eggs are laid on the foliage at the end of short hair- like filaments.

The larvae are gray green and are known as the "Aphid- lion". Complementing their voracious appetite for aphids they also eat mealybugs, red spider mites, thrips, some small worms and many insects and larvae.
The lacewing larvae feed for about three weeks until they pupate by spinning a white colored cocoon and emerge as adults, ready to lay eggs. They are light green with transparent wings and grow about 3/4 inches in length.

Release Rates:For gardens and greenhouses use approximately 1,000 eggs per 500 sq ft. For larger fields and orchards it is suggested that one uses approximately 5,000 lacewing eggs per acre.

It is possble to order more than a quanity of 1,000 Lacewing eggs at a time for a better value.


  • 500 adults/$165.00
  • 5,000 Lacewing eggs/ $37.00
  • 100,000 Lacewing eggs/ $300.00

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