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Encarsia Formosa


White Fly


This parasitic wasp is about 0.6 mm long. Its head and thorax are black, its abdomen is yellow. This parasite controls white fly by parasitizing the larvae. This occurs when the Encarsia Formosa lays its eggs within the white fly. The typically white larva will then turn black about 1/2 way through its development. This indicates that the white fly has been parasitized and that ultimately the wasp will emerge rather than the whitefly. The parasite then flys off and continues feeding on other white flies. The entire process should take about 10 to 20 days to complete.

It is important that the Encarisa Formosa be introduced as soon as possible when the infestation occurs.

It is important to note that this parasite is susceptible to to various chemical agents.
These parasites are suppied in their pupal stage on paper cards.

Release Rates: Encarisa Formosa are shipped 50 to a card.
It is recommended that two wasps per infested foot or one wasp per cubic foot be released

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