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Nolo- Bait is a biological pest control that eliminates grasshopper infestations without harming people, plants, or animals. This bait contains a spore, Nosema Locustae, that when injested by the grasshopper, infects it with a deadly desiese unique to grasshoppers and crickets. This spore is contained in a wheat bran.
This bait must be released during the third instar of the grasshopper's life cycle, since this is when the bait will be most effective. Within three to four weeks, about 50% of the grasshopper population will die off. This will be aided by the grasshopper's natural cannibalistic tendencies.
This spore also infects eggs laid by a diseased female.

Nolo- Bait can be applied by hand, or by aerial plane.

Release Rates: One pound per acre. Most effectively appied during morning hours, above 60 degrees.

Control Duration: Nolo- Bait remains active for the remainded of the growing season after it is applied, or 13 weeks after date of formulation.

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